How to manage your library

Librarian Role

Your Church Social Administrator can set up multiple members with the Librarian Role.  This will give these members access to add, edit and remove your library resources (books, DVDs, CDs etc) and also check them in and out for your church members and regular guests.

Library Filter and Search

The library page has a handy search feature where librarians and members can search or filter your library resources.  You can filter your resources based on Type, Author and Category.  You can also instantly search based on Title, AuthorBarcode, ISBN/EAN and Summary. This makes it very easy to find materials on any subject your library holds.  For full details on the search function please see our Library Data Field documentation.

Library Categories

Librarians can set up categories to organize the library collection so that members can more easily locate resources of interest.  Categories can be configured on the Categories tab in the Library module. If a category needs to be deleted librarians can automatically reassign any resources that were in that category to another category.

Backing up or Exporting Data

Librarians are able to export the library book data in either CSV or Excel format using the 3-dot menu in the top right hand corner of the Library module. Note that cover images are not exported and Church Social will automatically try and load a cover image from the database if a cover image does not already exist.