Library Data Fields

The Library module is designed to provide a flexible array of data fields to suit a variety of library resources such as books, magazines, multimedia resources and more. You will see that some library fields are required and others are optional.  Generally the larger your library collection is, the more of these fields you will use to keep your library organized and your resources easy for users and librarians to locate.

Type (required)

Description: This is a key data field that identifies the type of resource you are cataloging.
Details: Must be set to one of the following types: Audio CD, Audiobook, Bible, Biography, Blu-ray, Book, Cassette, Commentary, Concordance, DVD, Devotional, Dictionary, Discussion Guide, Outlines, Periodical, Reference, Reflections, Resource, Sermons, Sheet Music, Speech, Study Guide or Textbook.

Title (required)

Description: The title or name of the resource as assigned by the publisher.
Details: This is a key piece of data and is searchable (max 255 characters)


Description: The creator of the resource
Details: This is a key piece of data and is searchable (max 100 characters)


Description: The category assigned to the resource.
Details: Libraries can create their own categories to organize their library resources.  These categories can be used to filter books in Church Social. This is a key piece of data and is searchable (max 25 characters).  To view and edit categories go to the following page: 


Description: A field to store location information so that the resource can easily be located in your library shelves or storage.
Details: Some libraries indicate the area of the library, others use a  Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) or similar numbering system (max 50 characters)


Description: The number of copies that your library holds
Details: (a number between 1 and 20)


Description: A barcode field to hold bar codes assigned by the local library to track and organize their resources.
Details: This is a key piece of data and is searchable.  These barcodes can be utilized with a barcode scanner to make checking books in and out faster (max 50 characters)


Description: The official International Article Number (also known as European Article Number) 
Details: This is a key piece of data and is searchable (max 50 characters)


Description: The official International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for a book resource. ISBNs should consist of 10 or 13 numbers and letters. 
Details: This is a key piece of data and is searchable (max 50 characters).  It is highly recommended that librarians add the ISBN for books to their library catalogue since this allows for easy indexing and retrieval of cover photos and possibly further data from 

Number of Pages 

Description: The number of pages contained in a book.
Details: (must be a valid number)


Description: The publisher of the resource
Details: (max 100 characters)

Published Year 

Description: The year that the resource was published or created.
Details: (must be a valid 4-digit year)


Description: A large text field that can hold a summary or description of the resource and any further information you wish to make available.
Details: The text in this field is searchable (max 5,000 characters)