Checking books in and out of Library

When checking out a library resource the librarian can select the person who is checking out the resource, the quantity (in case there are more than one in your library) and the Checkout date that the item was removed from the library.  When the book is returned to the library the librarian can check the book back in by setting the Return date. 

Church Social users with Administrator or Librarian access to your account are able to check books in and out of the library.  

Checking out a book or resource (CD, DVD etc)

To check out a book or other library resource follow these steps:

  • Use the Search feature to locate the book (you can search by Title, ISBN, Barcode and more)
  • Click on the book to go to that library record
  • Click the Checkout button in the top right corner of the window
  • In the Checkout item window select the library user in the Person field
  • Then enter a quantity if required and enter the date that the book was removed from the library.
  • Click the Checkout button.

Returning a book or resource (CD, DVD etc)

To return a book or other library resource to the library shelves follow these steps:

  • Go to the Checkouts tab in the Library module.
  • Search for the Title, Barcode, ISBN or the User who has borrowed the resource.
  • Click on the book or resource in the list of items.
  • Adjust the return date if required.
  • Click the Return button to record the book's return to the library.