Institution of a New Congregation

Church Social provides a migration process which can migrate member information and family photos from a mother congregation (or more than one) to a newly instituted congregation or church plant. This migration tool will save the administrators of the affected congregations a significant amount of time and effort.

The way it works is as follows. Once the Church Social account for the new congregation is set up the administrators for the mother congregation(s) should supply a list of all families that you'd like migrated from the existing congregations' account to this new congregation's account. This transition should happen at the time of the institution so that the members show up as departed from the old congregation and joined to the new congregation. After the migration it will be necessary to set the members as office-bearers as necessary and add members to groups and schedules.

Once the migration has occurred the members will see their new congregation when they sign into CHurch Social. In the mother congregation, these members will show as "past members" and are only visible to your administrators and statisticians. This is the same as if these members have departed your congregation to move to any other congregation.

If the new congregation will not be using Church Social, then the Church Social administrators will have to manually generate an attestation or "Transfer Documents" report for each family.  Here is a link to our new documentation on that process.