Office Bearers

Office bearers have additional access to the information that is stored in Church Social. This allows Pastors, Elders and Deacons access to membership information in order to perform the tasks of their offices.

Office Bearer Configuration

Office bearers are assigned by administrators within the member management section of Church Social.  The changes are made by going to a member's edit page and then scrolling to the Access & Privacy section at the bottom of the page.  Here you can see whether the member is already configured as an Elder, Deacon or Pastor. 

To change the settings just click on the office bearer field to open the selection screen and select the appropriate office bearer role.  To remove an office bearer role just select the blank area at the top of the selection drop down.

Office Bearer Permissions

Generally office bearers share the same permissions as other regular members, with a few exceptions:

  • Within the member directory, office bearers will see past family members in addition to current members. Knowing information such as the date of a loved-one's death or when a family member left the congregation can be helpful.
  • Within the member directory, office bearers are given a "more Information" button beside each family member. This provides the office bearer with detailed information about a member.
  • Office bearers are able to create private folders within the "Files" section. This allows office bearers to share more sensitive documents between themselves, without the rest of the congregation having access to them.