Contact Information - Address, Phone, Email

Contact information is assigned at the member level however some of the contact information is shared within a family. 

Important: The  address and home phone fields only have to be assigned for the primary family member. You do not need to duplicate this information for each family member. 

Home and Mailing Address

You can set both a Home and a Mailing address for the primary family member which automatically assigns those addresses to all members of the family. You can, however, still manually set a different address for family members if circumstances require it. This allows one family member to have a different address or phone number than the rest of the family and is helpful in a situation where a son or daughter has gone to college, but is still a member of the congregation.

Note: it is only necessary to set a Mailing address if that address is different from the Home address.

If a mailing address is set for a member, Tax receipts generated through Church Social will use the member's mailing address over their home address.


The  email field is specific to each member.  


The  work phone and mobile phone fields are always specific to one member, and are not shared like the home phone or address fields.