A Messages Overview

Perhaps the most popular feature in Church Social is our messaging tool, which makes it possible for church leadership or members to send the entire church community an email in just a few seconds. You can even send messages to specific groups, such as Bible studies, committees and teams.

  • Send emails to your members fast. 
  • Send to everyone, to a specific group or to an individual. 
  • Reply to the message sender right in the app. 
  • Apply formatting, such as bolding, italics, lists, and clickable links.
  • Include file attachments.

Searchable Message Archive

In addition to messages being emailed, they are also saved within Church Social as a backup. Members can even disable email notifications entirely, and simply use the app to read their messages. 

Members can search for past messages by the sender's name, the message subject, body, and even comments.

Manage who can send Messages

The local administrator for your congregation can configure who can send messages out to the congregation on the Messages Settings page. You can select from one of the following options:

  • Everyone - Both guests and congregation members can send out messages to the entire congregation.
  • Only Members - Any congregation member can send out messages.
  • Only Administrators - Only your congregation's church social administrators can send out messages to the congregation.

Note that by enabling Message Approvals feature, messages will need to be approved by your congregation's Church Social administrator.