Subscribing and Unsubscribing from Messages

Sometimes members wish to unsubscribe from specific Church Social emails, or want to resubscribe. This can easily be done from within your Church Social account.

Updating your Email Preferences

  1. Login to Church Social
  2. Click your profile icon (often your family picture) at the top right of the page. 
  3. Now click on My profile  in the drop-down menu

  4. The My Profile page should load. On the left side of the page you should find the Notifications section
  5. Here you will see options to disable email notifications for Messages, Schedules, Platform messages (if admin) and Prayer request (if enabled) notification settings. You can review the settings and put a checkmark in the box beside all the notifications you wish to receive as well as remove the checkmark from any groups you no longer wish to receive email notifications for.  Click the Save changes button to apply your changes.

Unsubscribing from a Message or Group

Church Social also allows members to unsubscribe from individual email senders, messages sent to a group or all email notifications right from the email message. This is in compliance with anti-spam regulations.

The footer of each email message contains the following options:

  • View the full message - Allows recipients to view the message in Church Social and reply to the sender.
  • Unsubscribe - Allows recipients to immediately unsubscribe from all or some messages (as pictured below) without needing to log onto Church Social.
  • Notification Preferences - Allows recipients to log onto Church Social and view and edit all their notification preferences.