Message Approvals

Your congregation can require that messages created in Church Social first receive approval from a message approver before they are actually sent. You can find this option on the message settings page under the "Message Approvals" heading.

By default, when this feature is enabled, all messages will require approval, unless they are sent to fewer than 15 people. You can adjust this threshold in the message settings. Additionally, you can optionally choose to auto approve messages from:

  • Office bearers
  • Group admins to their groups
  • Pre-approved users

To enable the message approvals feature, you must set at least one message approver. Once you have enabled the Message Approvals feature, messages posted to Church Social will display the following alert if they require approval before being sent to the recipients.

When a message requires approval, the message approvers will receive an email notification, making them aware that a message requires approval. They'll be presented with the choice to either approve or deny the message. In the event that they deny the message, they can optionally provide a reason why, which will be sent to the original sender.

Hello [Message sender],

We're just letting you know that your message titled "[Subject]" was denied for sending by [Message approver].

Reason given: "[The reason the message was not approved]"