Tax Receipts - Canada - Printing Receipts

Church Social allows treasurers to print tax receipts for members and donors directly within Church Social. When viewing receipts in Church Social, you'll see a Print option when you click the drop down button beside a receipt. Choosing this option allows treasurers to quickly print an individual receipt and statement for the member (or donor) who made the contribution.

Screenshot of the new email receipt option

Filtering your receipts

You can use the receipt filter to select which receipts are visible in your browser and which receipts will be available for emailing and printing.

Bulk printing receipts

In addition to printing individual receipts, you can also print them in bulk. You can do this by using the Filter option to show the receipts you would like to print (see above), then clicking the drop down menu at the top right of the the receipts page, and choosing the Print all option.

This will then show a popup window where you can choose whether you wish to include a statement with the receipt and whether you would like to print the document single or double-sided. Once you select your settings and click on the Print button you will be presented with a PDF document that you can then print to your printer.  

Note: The Print format setting (one-sided or two-sided) ensures that the receipt and statement for members always stay together when a statement includes more than one page of entries.