A Sermons Module Overview

Everyone can benefit from listening to a past sermon, and the Church Social sermon archive makes that easy to do. It can serve as a complete archive of your past sermons. Members can even search by Bible text, theme, preacher or series.

  • Supports audio, video and PDF formats.
  • Search by Bible text, author, theme or series.
  • Can be embedded on your public website.
  • Automatically converted into a podcast feed.
  • Includes basic view and listen statistics.
The audio/video experts in your congregation will really appreciate the sermon archive. Upload multiple file formats, including MP3s, videos and PDFs. Go a step further and add additional sermon information, including a title, description, Bible passages, minister name, sermon series, and more.

Integrate with your website.

Church Social makes it easy to add your sermon archive to your church's website. This can be done using our API, our embedded sermons widget, or if you're using WordPress, with our official plugin.

Listen on the go.

Church Social automatically turns your sermon archive into a podcast feed, making it easy to listen to sermons while you're out. Plus, it's compatible with Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify!