Publish your Podcast

The Church Social Sermon module automatically turns your public audio sermon archive into a podcast feed. This allows you to publish your sermons as podcasts via any of the popular podcast services including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.  

Note that if you have multiple audio records (e.g. scripture readings and sermon) for a service, the podcast software will post the longest audio file to your podcast. 

Getting Started

Before you begin submitting your podcast to the podcast services you will need to prepare the following items.

  1. Audio files (in mp3 format) uploaded to your Sermon records.  Make sure you have a few audio files uploaded before you submit the podcast feed to Apple, Spotify and Google.
  2. A dedicated email account/alias that the church can maintain control over for future changes.  An example would be podcasts@[]
  3. A dedicated AppleID – don’t use the ID of a member a church
  4. Artwork for your podcasts – it has to be square and at least 1,400 by 1,400 pixels
  5. Configure Church Social to generate the PodCast RSS Feed:

Now that you have everything ready you can proceed to the three main Podcast directories to publish your podcast. You will need the Podcast Feed link copied from step 5 in the instructions above.

Apple Podcasts

Being listed in Apple Podcasts takes a few minutes but it means your podcast will also automatically appear in most of the other places podcasts are consumed.  


Google Podcasts 

Sample Podcasts

Here are some sample Podcasts hosted through Church Social on the various platforms: