Disable or hide a member in Church Social

There are times when Church Social Administrators are required to remove or hide a member's information from Church Social.

These are often difficult situations, since churches need to maintain a complete membership record, while at the same time it's often most fruitful to simply acquiesce to requests like this.

Our recommendation would be that you either:

  1. Completely delete the member's information from the Church Social and track this member manually.
  2. Remove all non-essential data from this individual's Church Social profile, and uncheck the Visible privacy option, which will completely hide this member from all areas of the app except to Church Social Administrators for statistics purposes. While messages are not sent to hidden members, we recommend removing the individual's email address and disabling the ability to login.

The second option is what most churches do in these situations

The privacy settings are available to Church Social Administrators under the People section. Here you can click on the person and then at the bottom of the page set specific settings for that person including the Visible option. When deselected, the Visible setting totally hides the individual and this person will not be visible anywhere in Church Social and will not receive any messages.