Default Reports

The first thing you'll notice with the reports page is a set of default reports. Church Social comes with almost 20 default reports, and we suspect this will only grow. We've organized them into categories: Membership reports, Administration reports, Dates reports, Backups reports, and Custom reports.

Note that in addition to the reports, members and administrators are also able to generated printable Membership Directory Pages and are able to view updated membership statistics on the Member page.

Let me highlight a few of the default reports:

Ward lists

The Ward List reports allow you to easily generate Ward Lists for your congregation. When you print a ward report, you can choose the orientation (portrait or landscape), as well as how many columns you'd like the wards displayed in. These two options allow you to nicely fine-tune the ward list reports for your particular congregation.

Families who cannot be emailed

The messaging tools in Church Social are great. They allow you to quickly email all the members of your congregation within seconds. This is especially helpful when there are cancellations or last minute notifications. For example, maybe a church service is cancelled due to poor weather. However, as handy as that is, there is always a challenge with families who do not receive messages from Church Social. Maybe these are older members, or simply members who do not have an account setup within the app. How do you notify them? That's where the new "Families who cannot be emailed" report becomes extremely helpful. This report lists all the families who do not receive Church Social messages, with their phone numbers, organized by ward.

Bouncing Emails

This report lists all the members in your congregation who have a failing email address. You can click on the member to view their profile, and then fix their email address!

User Roles

This report lists all members of the congregation who have been assigned Administrator, Statistician, Treasurer and other security roles in your Church Social Account.

Member activity reports

The member activity reports might be our favourite. These reports show all the activity within the congregation by year. This includes members who were born, baptized, did profession of faith, got married, joined the congregation, left the congregation, or passed away. This report is be especially helpful when putting together annual reports, or sharing statistics at an annual congregational meeting.

Deceased family report

An important aspect of being a good office bearer is being in-tune with the members under your care. This is especially true when it comes to members who have lost loved ones, which is why we've added a new "Deceased family" report. This report lists all deceased members who still have family within your congregation. This includes the deceased member's name, the date they passed away, their birth date, as well as their wedding anniversary date, if they were married.