An Overview of the Giving Module

Simple donation tracking

Church Social makes tracking member contributions a breeze. Treasurers can input and track donations to various funds, and then generate statements and tax receipts. Members can even login to view their own giving history if you wish to use that feature. 

How the Giving Module fits with your Accounting

It is worth mentioning right away is that the Giving module is not intended to replace your existing accounting software. Rather, it's designed to work with it. Treasurers enter contributions into Church Social, and then simply take the totals from each deposit and enter them as a single record within their accounting software. 

Using the Giving Module has a number of benefits:

  • Since all your member information is already in Church Social, treasurers are not required to maintain a duplicate record of this information.
  • Treasurers can continue using whatever accounting software they are most comfortable with. And it doesn't have to be church specific accounting software either. Quickbooks and Church Social are a great fit!
  • Church Social adds a layer on top of your accounting software that provides common church related contribution management features, such as statement generation, tax receipting, giving numbers and more.

Getting Started with the Giving Module

To start using the new donation tracking features today, enable the Giving feature in your Church Social settings, and then assign a member with the Treasurer role. This will add a new "Giving" link in the Church Social menu. 

Now you can set up Funds for your congregation.  You may create funds for your General Budget, Building Fund, Mission Works and more.

If you intend to generate tax receipts, be sure to also add your church's charitable registration number as well as an authorized signature.  For details on configuring statements and tax receipts please see the appropriate documents for your Country: Canada, New Zealand.