Contributions from Donors (non-members)

Financial contributions are assigned to either members or donors. Donors are organizations, businesses or non-members who have made financial contributions to your church. 

What's really neat is that you can assign contributions to a member and donor at the same time. This is helpful in situations where members make contributions through their businesses. This ensures that tax receipts are created for the business (the donor) and not the member. However, member statements will still include any contributions made via a business. It's even possible to link a member to a donor to make it easier to lookup that donor by that member's giving number.

Contributions by donors can be imported using the import tool.  The importer will assign the contribution to a member, to a donor or to both a member and donor if they are linked. Be sure to enter the Donor's name in the import file otherwise the contribution will only be assigned to the member.

Screenshot of the edit donor page