Deposits - Importing Contributions

The Church Social web app interface to enter deposits into Church Social has been carefully designed for quick entry, however it's also possible to bulk import contributions from an Excel or CSV file.  

We recommend that you download the template file provided on the import page and use that as your starting point.  Once you have successfully imported your first deposit you can reuse your deposit file and adjust the data for future deposits.

The import file must follow the format indicated below:

name Must fully match a person or family name. Optional
giving_number Must match a person's Giving Number.   Optional
donor Must fully match an existing donor name.  This is required if you want the contribution to be assigned to the Donor (e.g. a company) that is linked to an existing member or Giving Number Optional
fund Must match an existing fund. Required
date Must be a valid date. This will default to the deposit date if omitted. Optional
method Must be Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, E-transfer, Pre-Authorized Debit, or Electronic Funds Transfer. Required
reference Payment reference, such as a cheque number. Not allowed for cash contributions. Maximum 25 characters. Optional
amount Must be a valid dollar amount (100.00). Must be less than 10 million. Required
receiptable Must be Yes or No. Defaults to Yes if omitted. Optional

If you are having trouble importing the file, please save the file as a CSV file and try import that instead of using Excel format. 

Screenshot of the import contributions page