Choosing your Church Social Administrator

As part of the sign-up process, each church will have to select a member from their congregation to be their Church Social administrator. This individual will have full access to all areas of the software, including the more sensitive membership data.

The primary responsibility of the administrator is to assign permissions to other members in the congregation. For example, they can assign some members the "sermon editor" role (so they can manage the sermon archive) and they can give the church statistician access to the member management tools.

This administrator does not have to be overly technically inclined, but should clearly be familiar with using a computer and the Internet. Ideally this is a member who is (or has been) a council member and who can keep this role for a long period of time. This role will not be labour intensive, adding or removing permissions only takes seconds. However, the role does come with some responsibility.

Church Social will require the name and email address for this member at the time of sign-up.