Bulk Editor

The bulk editor makes it easy for administrators to make bulk changes to member data. The tool itself looks a lot like a spreadsheet, which makes it easy to compare data and find inconsistencies.

The bulk editor is available to administrators and statisticians both on the People page and when looking at a family on the Members page.

People Module

To access the bulk editor on the People page, select several members and then click on the Bulk edit button that appears in the header row. You can also be in the family view and click on the Options button below the family members to select the Bulk edit option there.

Member Module

To access the bulk editor on the Family page, just go to a family and then click on the 3-dot menu in the top right and select the Bulk edit option there.

Editing the data

Note that in the bulk editor, you can make the Edit button appear using one of the following methods to select the cells that you wish to modify.

  • Click the column heading to select all the cells in that column.
  • Click on an individual cell to modify just that cell.
  • Click and then use shift-click to select multiple cells in a column.

Once you click on the Edit button you will be presented with a Bulk edit dialog that shows you how many people you are editing the data for and allows you to edit the data in that cell. Click on Save changes to save the modifications you have made.