An Overview of the Calendar Module

Never miss an event again

The calendar provides a helpful overview of what’s happening in the church community that week. Events can include birthdays, anniversaries, volunteer reminders, Bible studies, youth conferences, fundraising events, committee meetings and more.

As Church Social Administrator you can set up your calendar so that all members can contribute to the monthly calendar, helping to ensure it's always up-to-date. Download a print version to put on your church bulletin board.  Alternatively you can configure the Calendar so that only Administrators can make changes.

Automate your Calendar

Simplify calendar management by creating recurring events for worship services and other repeating events.  The following calendar items automatically appear on the calendar:

  • Events - coloured green. These are the events that members or administrators have created.
  • Member birthdays - coloured blue (visible if enabled in Church Social settings)
  • Member wedding anniversaries - coloured purple (visible if enabled in Church Social settings)
  • Scheduled items - coloured orange.  Only the items that the member is scheduled for will be visible in that member's calendar.