Custom Reports

In addition to the default reports, Church Social has a fantastic report builder. In fact, there are now two report builders: one for families, and one for people.


The People reports allows you to run reports containing the individual members that make up your congregation.  Custom reports will usually be people reports.


The primary function of families in Church Social is to group members together to be displayed in the member photo directory.  A family is a container that holds the primary family member, a spouse and any children.

Columns, filters and sorting

The report builder includes a ton of columns, filters and sorting options. It's also extremely easy to click on an existing filter and make changes to it. Each one of these has it's own set of options, which you can use to tailor your report. For example, when you choose the "age" column, you can specify whether you want the member's current age, or their age as of this year. We've worked really hard to provide as many different options as possible!


One of our favourite features of the report builder is the "group by" options. When viewing large sets of data, grouping records together visually can go a long way to making the report easier to read. The grouping is also intelligent with how it handles columns that have multiple values. For example, if you group a family report by wards, and a specific family belongs to more than one ward, the report builder automatically repeats that family for each ward they belong to.

Saving reports

Yes, you can save reports! Whenever you generate a custom report, you have the option to save it to your custom reports list. Later, you can view that report, or even make further changes to it. When you make changes, you'll be given the choice to save those changes, or discard them.