A Report Module Overview

Church Social includes a powerful reports feature, which gives Administrators and Report Managers a place to extract information from Church Social for reporting or for further manipulation in other software.

Custom Reports

In addition to a wide variety of standard reports, Church Social also has a powerful report builder, which allows churches to create almost any report they want from their membership data. These reports can be downloaded as PDF, or exported to an Excel or CSV file.

Existing reports can be edited to meet your requirements and can then be saved to the Custom report section of the module so that you can reuse them later. 

Reports can be customized to control which data is retrieved, how that data is filtered and organized.  

  • Columns - Allows you to select which fields you want on your report.  Examples are Name, Age, Profession Date, Membership Status etc.
  • Filters - Allows you to filter the fields.  For example you can select to show only those who are a certain age or those who are non-members.
  • Sort By - Allows you to control sort order in the report.  For example you can sort by name.
  • Group By - Allows you to group the report by any of the fields.  For example you can group the results by age.

Access to the Reports

Report managers have access to the "Reports" section of Church Social. This allows them to run existing reports, and to create, edit and delete custom reports. Otherwise only statisticians and administrators have access to the "Reports" section of Church Social. This Report manager role is assigned by your congregation's Church Social administrators.

Exporting and printing reports

Church Social makes it extremely easy to export your data out of Church Social. Whether it's one of the default reports, or a custom report, you can click the "options" button to download it as a CSV file (to be used in Excel), or you can print it, which will generate a print-ready PDF. In this update we also added the ability to specify the orientation of the PDF. You can choose either portrait or landscape, which can be really handy for reports with lots of columns.

Click to view a profile

One handy feature in the reports is the ability to click on any row to view the profile for that person or family. This makes it really easy to make changes to members or families from a report. Take the "Bouncing emails" report as an example. This report lists all the members in your congregation who have a failing email address. You can click on the member to view their profile, and then fix their email address!