Background Checks

Church Social allows you to track criminal record checks for the people within your account. When editing a person's profile, you'll see a "Background check" option, which includes the following information:

  1. You can upload a PDF version of that person's criminal record check (police check).
  2. You can set the date that their criminal record check expires.
  3. You can track the date that you completed any reference checks for this person.

There is also a "Criminal record checks" report in the "Reports" section, which lists all people that have a criminal record check expiry date set. It groups these people into two sections: those with valid criminal record checks, and those with expired criminal record checks. Note, this report only includes people who have expired criminal record checks from the last six months.

Finally, there is a notification that is sent on the first of each month to the administrators, which lists all people with criminal record checks expiring in the next six months, as well as any people who had their criminal record checks expire in the last six months.