A Prayers Module Overview

Church Social includes a prayer wall feature, which gives members a place to share prayer requests with other members. To enable this feature, visit the Prayers page within your account settings.

An advantage is that the Prayers feature allows further granularity of messages and notifications in Church Social.  Use of this feature will move some of your messages traffic to this new section of the Church Social app and can reduce clutter in members inbox.

Configuring Permissions

By default, all members are able to post prayer requests. However, you can choose to limit this to: 

  • Church Social Administrators
  • Office Bearers
  • Communicant Members
  • Baptized Members
  • Everyone

Prayer Request Notifications

When a prayer request is posted, an email notification is sent to all active members (with an email address set) as soon as new prayer requests are created. If you'd like to disable this behaviour, there is an option for this on the prayers settings page. There is also a "Prayer request notifications" option on each member's "My Profile" page, should an individual not want to receive these notifications and instead.

Posting Prayer Requests

When posting a prayer request, members can choose to have their name shown (the default), or if they prefer, they can post their prayer request anonymously.  They may also add a pertinent image to the prayer request.

Mobile App Support

The native iOS and Android apps also support the Prayers feature. When the Prayers feature is enabled, you'll see a new prayers button appear in the main navigation. This screen will show your church's latest 15 prayer requests. Please note that (at least for now) you can only create prayer requests in the web app.